Monday, April 26, 2010

My Beautiful Son!

So I'm sure I am not alone when I say that I carry around quite a bit of good, old fashioned mother's guilt. From the small stuff to the large, to the stuff that seems large but is actually small...the feelings are usually fleeting but are there none the less.

Today I am feeling especially guilty about one thing in particular and it has to do with this very blog. You see, in all my efforts to "get the word out" about Anthony's struggles and try to alleviate some of the mystery of our lives for the past year or so, I failed to do the most important thing. I failed to introduce you to my precious, beautiful son.

Anthony William Micalizzi Jr. is a vibrant, happy, charming little boy who captures the heart of all who meet him. He has a gigantic, contagious smile (which his neurologist once said you could "drive a truck through") and an infecitious giggle, especially when his big sister is the cause of such laughter. Lately I've noted that perhaps because one of our early concerns was that he wasn't smiling or laughing, he is making up for lost time...there's certainly no shortage of either now!! His bright blue eyes sparkle behind his long lashes and even his adorable little glasses cannot hide the kindness and wonder they hold.

He loves to be held, played with, and talked to...and isn't very happy when noone is paying attention to him. He is a good sport when Mommy and Daddy request that he show off his newer tricks..."where's Mommy? Daddy? Gianna? Nana?", "Give me a kiss!" (to which he responds with a kissing noise), "Where's the light?" (he looks up to find it.)

He is also very patient and hardworking when his therapists are working with him (although it is more like play than work!) For the last 4 months or so, he has also become very motivated to move around! He now rolls over both ways and is trying so hard to move around to get to toys he'd like to play with. The past couple of weeks he has been getting his knees under him while on his belly and I have even caught a quick glimse or two of him up on his elbows and knees at the same time. One of his doctors tells us if he has the motivation to move he will find a way. She said it might not look pretty but he will....To me it will look like the most beautiful thing on earth!!

In addition to his awesome belly laugh, his cooing and babbling fill my ears with happiness...even more now that oohs and aahhs have made way for yaas, daas, and baas (a very exciting time in his development!)

Anthony brings overflowing joy to our family each and every day. If you've never had the pleasure of meeting him, I can assure you he would brighten your day if you did. If you have, please feel free to leave a comment about this amazing little BEAUTIFUL SON!!!


  1. Awww Kristin, it sounds like he's making so much progress! I think this blog is a wonderful idea and little Anthony is so lucky to have you for a mom :-) xoxoxo -Nicole Francis

  2. Kristin, you are amazing. I have had the pleasure of meeting both of your amazing children only ONCE!!! And little Anthony was so cute, had just got his first pair of glasses and was just a tiny little man.. just about a year ago!! I LOVE reading your blog and learning so much about your amazing family! Hope to see you all soon!! <3

  3. I agree with you - he is beautiful!!! : )

    And, well, you've seen how Dylan gets around!! It isn't pretty, but eh, it works!!! : )


  4. Kristen, I found your blog through your facebook link...I have to say that I had no idea of the struggles you guys were having. Though I have seen pictures of Anthony, Jr. many times on facebook he seemed like your average little I understand that he is so much more than average :) What a wonderful & dedicated mom you are. Sienna was a premie (6 weeks early) & the doctors recommended Early Intervention to make sure she met her milestones. I had never even heard of them, but they came out to evaluate Sienna & they were wonderful. At the time they felt she was meeting her milestones so she was discharged but said we could call them if we felt she was falling behind. Anthony, Jr. is very lucky to have you, & you my friend are belssed to have him :)

  5. What a wonderful little person you have! It is hard sometimes for people "on the outside looking in" to look at a child with special needs and realize what a gift they are to all of us. We learn so much about ourselves - about love - about what is really important. I spent almost two hours this week with a woman considering adoption of a child with some delays - known to have been exposed to serious amounts of alcohol in utero - but a really good prognosis overall. She was looking for some guarantee that this little boy was going to turn out to be the perfect little boy she had always imagined - or else she was really afraid about proceeding with adoption. I did my best to help her to understand that the journey with every child is unpredictable and that as we embrace each day we discover the gifts they are to us in each and every day. So proud of you and Anthony (and Gianna) as you love this little one and discover what a gift he is to you all. Bless you!

  6. Hey kiddo, glad I got to read the blog today. I think it is a great idea. I understand how most people onthe outside just do not get it . Our kids have different chalanges and issues but the thing that kills me is the way some people can judge. Yes they dont understand and your blog has helped me deal with my oun questions and concerns about how I deal with Devin and his issues. A friend from work came over the house the other day and was wittness to one of Devins episodes and he had told me that he now can understand . so thats kinda what I meam when I say some people just dont get it.hope this makes some kind of sense to you . it sounds like perfect sense to me .