Monday, March 29, 2010

Gianna and Her Baby Brother's Chair

I forgot to mention that Gianna thinks the wheelchair is pretty cool too. She did sit in it the day it came but she really doesnt seem jealous of it or anything. I prepped her for awhile before it came...telling her that he was getting it because he has a little bit of trouble with his muscles and we need to help him sit up and get around. Ironically in the morning, before the chair came, we were watching a show that had a little boy in a wheelchair. He was older and Gianna asked me when he was going to learn to walk. I told her that some people don't learn to walk and they use wheelchairs to get around. She was very curious about this! I told her that the chair was similar to the one Anthony was going to be getting. I said that he has some trouble with his muscles and we hope someday he'll learn to walk, but if he doesn't then that's ok too and we will just wheel him around or he will learn to wheel himself!

A technician came to deliver the chair and was here for quite awhile setting it up. Anthony's Physical Therapist and I were in front of our sofa working with Anthony and Gianna was leaning over the back of the couch watching the tech. Suddenly I heard her softly say, "I have trouble with my muscles too!" I don't think he heard her but MAN, it took all I had not to start to sweet and innocent and just PRECIOUS! We've been making sure to give her lots of TLC and special attention...she's is one of a kind that kiddo...LOVE her to PIECES!!!


  1. First time I saw your post - I heard about it from Faraneh - God Bless you and the children - I have a friend who has 3 girlfriends - between them they have 6 children who function in wheel chairs since birth. Their joy is they still have their babies with them...We built a handicapped playground on Johnson St in Peabody - if you want to meet them you will Find them there in the Spring - all the best to you and Anthony and the children..if there is anything we can ever do feel free to call..

  2. Thanks so much for posting your blog! Always thinking of you guys and so glad to be able to keep up with what is going on! Great picture of Anthony standing up - we are so proud of him and of you, big Anthony, and Gianna for all of the support that you give him. He is so blessed to have such a wonderful family!

    Love you!
    Tina and the boys

  3. This is really great that you are able to set this up...I find it to be very informative and somewhat overwhelming....Of coarse, I guess I find it hard to understand why they don't know what is wrong with Anthony..He is so special...That smile of his is so warming...Just love seeing him smile all the time...Having this site keeps up so much inform of what is going with our little guy...Of coarse, he has two great parents loving him and caring for him...

    Love you all!
    Aunty Beth

  4. Love reading this! Makes me feel so apart of your lives! You and Anthony are totally inspiring...amazing parents!