Monday, March 29, 2010

Anthony's New Ride, Chair and Desk!

Last Tuesday Anthony recieved his "Kid Kart"...basically it is a pediatric wheelchair. Because Anthony is not able to sit up, it is very difficult for him to have supported seating for everything from feeding to getting around.

Back in December we met his amazing Physiatrist, Dr. Nimec, a doctor who specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation. She will primarily assist with tone management, movement control, equipment, and physical therapy recommendations. She has work extensively with kids like Anthony for many years and she really knows her stuff! At the time of this consult, she prescribed Anthony with outpatient PT, a feeding evaluation (because feeding is so closely link to his tone issues), the Kid Kart, and a prone stander (which will assist him in remaining in a standing position for two hours per day....I will write more about this when he gets it in a couple of weeks.)

So far the Kid Kart has been amazing. It's so wonderful to see him sitting so comfortably and supported. On Wednesday he went outside in it for the first time and I so wish I had recorded him...I wheeled him through the parking lot of N.Shore Children's for Physical Therapy and he was squeeling and laughing the whole way. It was like a whole new experience for him. I'm sure he could probably see so much better, but his physical therapists also explained to me that in the past he has had to spend so much energy and consentration on holding himself up...and know he doesn't have to do that!

It has been a bit difficult lately to carry him around everywhere...and wheel him in a traditional stroller that is really not comfortable for him. I was finding it hard to feed him while outside of the house because he wasnt in a good postion for eating. The weekend before we got the chair we went out to lunch and tried to put him in a restaurant high chair...disaster! He was slouching down and falling over...the poor guy! Picture me...stuffing our sweatshirts all around him...trying to give him more support! Then finally we just held him and took turns eating one handed. Parents...we've all been there before with our newborns...and he's getting big and active! So needless to say, it came at a great time. Rather than me feeling gloomy about my son needing a wheelchair...I was excited for it to come and what a blessing its been!!

Also, today he recieved a corner chair (with all kids of velcro staps to support him upright) and a desk from Perkin's School for the Blind. I will attach a pic...its so cute! I had no idea that they were going to decorate it. It's so boyish...all blue with the "Cars" characters hand-painted on it. Adorable! And if I do say so myself...he looks so stinkin cute sitting there, all proud of himself. It's so wonderful that he has so many resources available to him...I have to imagine there were many trailblazing parents and kiddos ahead of us that made all this possible and for that I feel truly blessed!

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