Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Last week Anthony was seen at the Augmentative Communication Clinic at Children's Hospital. We had the pleasure of meeting with Alycia Berg, Speech Pathologist.
I really wish that I had brought along our video camera to capture this amazing appointment, I am afraid my words here won't do it justice. Basically this clinic will help form a communication program for Anthony using a combination of picture boards, voice switches, adapted toys that he can easily activate, and computer programs, among other things.


Anthony did such an amazing job at this appointment that it brought tears to my eyes. He was engaged in activity and played with the therapist for an hour and twenty minutes. I watched as he made choices by reaching out to one of two pictures, touched a button to ask for something to be repeated, to play music on a tape player, and to activate songs on the computer, played peek-a-boo using vocalizations...I watched speechless with joy!!

We will now be visiting this clinic every three months, adding speech therapy weekly to our Early Intervention team, and using a number of communication tools.

At the end of the session Alysia said that sessions like these are why she loves what she does...

It doesn't get much better than that!!!! I love my little guy and I am so excited to start this new adventure with him!!!!

P.S...Speaking of communication, Anthony can now touch his nose when asked, give high fives, respond vocally to "hi", and just started to refer to his sister as gggggee...LIFE IS GOOD!!!


  1. Truley amazing Kristin! He has two wonderful, supportive and awesome parents!! All of your hard work and compassion make all the difference in Lil Anthony's life. You should not only be so proud of him but of yourselves as well!! xoxo

  2. I can see why this brought tears to your eyes...This is truly amazing...I can not believe what they can do, today, to help children like Anthony...Yes! I agree with AnnMarie...If it were not for his parents love and support where would he be, today...You really make a difference in his life by reaching out and getting him involved in the right plays...Thank you for creating this blog in keeping us informed of what is happeing with Anthony.... You are doing a wonderful job....You and Anthony are the best...God bless you!

  3. He is an amazing little boy and all of you are awesome! BOTH of your children are beautiful wonderful children and they are both always so happy. So as a Mom myself, it's easy to ask yourself if you are doing everything you can, are you doing it right, are you doing it wrong, is this best, etc. You are doing everything EXACTLY right, it's very obvious on their faces.